BOC Bank Announces Key Leadership Updates

BOC to Release New Core Software Soon

Amarillo, TX–Since its inception, BOC Bank, a family-owned institution rooted in Amarillo, Texas with a longstanding banking heritage dating back to the 1900s, has remained dedicated to pioneering technological advancements, maintaining operational efficiency, and putting its team and customers at the center of every decision the bank makes. The bank is excited about two key developments that will allow it to take those goals to the next level. Shane Ferrell has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Strategy & Innovation and Steven Jay has joined BOC as its new Chief Operating Officer. Ferrell and Jay both began their new roles in February.

“We are building a culture around our roots and the traditions that make us unique while being more empathic to the needs of our team members and customers alike,” Alex O’Brien said. “Shane and Steven embody our ethos—driven, visionary, and dedicated to harnessing technology to offer a simpler solution to our customers and the industry.”

Ferrell brings a wealth of experience in technology, marked by a track record of spearheading service innovations and leading projects to success while working for CSI, one of the largest banking software companies in the nation.

“As we continue to see some truly remarkable advancements in technology, we always have to ask how we can use those to make banking easier and more efficient,” Ferrell explained. “But we have to balance that with the needs of our customers and make sure we’re being the best banking partner we can be.”

The bank’s current technology team is on the cusp of rolling out a new core banking system that will streamline operations and introduce efficiencies that will have a large impact on banking and fintech industries locally and across the country.

"We are going to continue to be a leader in the industry, not just in Amarillo but in the broader banking and fintech landscape," said Jay. "Our commitment to our team and customers is the foundation of our journey forward, fostering a culture of excellence, empathy, and creativity."

BOC has always been a customer-centered, innovative bank. The O’Brien family purchased the bank in 2000 and immediately programmed its own core operating system with the goal of leveraging technology to provide real-time transactional postings in combination with its database management to create a new level of transparency and efficiency. The software allowed customers to log in over the internet and see changes to their accounts in real-time, as opposed to a ledger balance, and was ground-breaking at the time.

“There’s this picture of my dad in the middle of a feedyard that speaks directly to our agricultural roots and the role that technology has played in the bank’s history, and the impact that it will continue to have on our future,” O’Brien recalled. “Shane and Steven are critical to our technology team as we roll out our new, easy-to-use banking system, which will allow fintech companies to have something customizable that meets their unique needs while increasing efficiency across the board,” O’Brien noted. “And it’s all going to be under one platform–something that’s not widely available right now.”

BOC is expected to release that new software later this year.

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